August Goals

Feels like I've been putting this off for an eternity - well 7 days to be precise. Not sure why I've procrastinated so much - but here it is time to set some goalz Run a sub 40 5K - back from my July goals, I will get there but it might just take more... Continue Reading →


July Round-up

It's the first day of Auguast - and July has been a month of highs and lows for me. I ran 57.04km Completed my first 10km Lost 3lbs Drank 3 bottles of Prossecco Turned another year older You might remember I set some goals - July goals, so thought it would be good to have a... Continue Reading →

July Week 3 – injury week!

As you know I've moaned a lot about my hip flexor pain see - Worcester 10K Race For Life, so from now on the third week of July will be known as injury week! After Worcester I rested for 6 days, no running and limited long walks at lunch time. Changing gear was still a challenge... Continue Reading →

Worcester 10K Race For Life

So the week came - Race for life week, my first 10k. I'd been training for 6+ weeks and was just out for a slow and steady run on Tuesday night when I slipped in the rain felt my hip go pinnnggg. The pain! It was intense but I thought I'd just pulled something. Powered... Continue Reading →

July week one – done

So I know i'm a little bit late to the party bu first week of July is done already?! Tuesday 4th July - STATS: 3.5km, 29:28min, 8:22 min/km I don't really remember this run so I guess it was pretty standard? It was post work so just a get out and get it done sort... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow I Will Run

Tomorrow I will run for you Tomorrow I will run for every second of every minute of every day I have missed you Tomorrow is my day but I will celebrate it with the happiness of our memories Tomorrow I will run and hold your memory in my heart, and within my soul as every fibre... Continue Reading →

July goals

So it's about time I got round to writing these on ummmm the 7th of July.... Run a Sub 40 minute park run. You might remeber from the begining of June June Week Two – hot hot hot! I ran a 40.51 parkrun, so the aim is to beat that. Hopefully with consistency my time will slowly... Continue Reading →

That’s June done!

So here it is, the end of the month. It has well and truly flown by, I can't believe we are half way through the year already. You might remember I posted a June goals! post - so I wanted to do a little re-cap. Goals 1 & 2 were to run three times a week... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about…Mental Health

I've decided i'm going to write a bit of a series, about all those things no-one really wants to talk about.....There are lots of topics as society that we don't really talk about or when we do the view is hugely polarised. This series aims to just get us talking about these things. I hope... Continue Reading →

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