Death, terminal illness, cancer. These things do not come alone. Although they are often shrowded in a cloak of darkness there are countless charities that help us in our darkest hours. Below are the most influential for my family and I, im sure they have helped countless others;

Severn Hopsice – this is a local charity who operate three hospices throughout shropshire offering FREE respite and end of life care for those with terminal illness. Mum stayed here for her last weeks and the staff, doctors, volunteers were all incredible.

Cruse bereavement – they offer free of charge specific bereavment councouselling across the country. Operated by traines volunteers you can be seen in your local area at a time that suits you

Macmillian – I sought their help on several occasions and they never faultered in their support. Initially the shock of a cancer diagnosis for mum left me shell shocked and with a lot of questions. I called Macmillian and spoke to a trained cancer support nurse who could answer so many of my questions and was empathetic and caring. On going I contacted them for support in claiming benifits for mum when it became apparent she wouldn’t be able to work for a while – again they were amazing. In short they provide a caring and safe place to talk about cnacer, whether it’s you or a loved one that is affected.

Please please call them if you feel you have nowhere else to go – 0808 808 00 00 or join their online community which is full of advice and kindness


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