My name is Beth Scriven and on September 11th 2016 my mother died. ¬†She was aged 56 and I was 25, I’m now 26.

Every minute of every day I carry the weight of loss with me, but I carry mum in my heart and my head. She is the voice of reason when i’m feeling lost and my greatest cheer leader when i’m feeling proud.

When I started writing this blog is very much focused on my grief Рhow I felt that as a generation we had been left behind in this middling not a child but not a grown up gap.  wanted to support others, or at least just talk about my loss so others knew someone was experiencing it too. Running was just a pleasant addition to make it a bit less morbid.

But now – running has sort of become my life? That’s a bit weird to say isn’t it. Running isn’t really my life – running is a hobby that I found to get me out of a dark place and in return it has gifted me light and laughter and pride.

Now I strive to inspire others to cope with mental health and grief through exercise and running. I want to help people understand that grief doesn’t need to define them. Loss can be the glue that holds them together even when you think its pulling you apart.

I started out as Beth – that girl who’s mum died, now I am Beth – that girl that runs and rambles on about it.



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