My name is Beth Scriven and on September 11th 2016 my mother died.  She was aged 56 and I was 25, I’m now 26.

Every minute of every day I carry the weight of loss with me, but I carry mum in my heart and my head. She is the voice of reason when i’m feeling lost and my greatest cheer leader when i’m feeling proud.

The pain of loosing a parent is truly indescrible. But I believe there is something unique about loosing a parent in your early, can I still say early? well early to mid-twenties.

As millenials we seems to fall between the cracks of two generations in society continuously. And I feel this is another case where we are caught between the shortfall of not being truly dependent adults and not being children.

During the last 6 months I have found a distinct lack of literature,  be it scientific or medical or just discussions of similar experiences. During the first few months I found the idea of writing about my feelings incomprehensible. But now I find the thought moderately liberating.

However,  to prevent this being a sombre walk alongside my grief process I thought I would combine it with the other tool which has helped me deal with my feelings; running.

I aim to discuss frankly the process of grieving,  coping, caring and dealing with the loss of a parent in your twenties. But also my progress and training to complete my first 10k race in July.


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