August Goals

Feels like I’ve been putting this off for an eternity – well 7 days to be precise. Not sure why I’ve procrastinated so much – but here it is time to set some goalz

  • Run a sub 40 5K – back from my July goals, I will get there but it might just take more time

  • Enter the next stone bracket – meaning loosing 2.5lbs and keeping them off all month. I don’t talk about my weight loss much I realised, I think that’s because it seems so much more personal than running. I will unashamedly admit i’m a slow runner but there’s still something that stops me talking about actively trying to loose weight. I suppose it’s to stop the invitation of comments like ‘yes you need to loose xxlbs to be a better runner’ – which I’ve had before, and frankly is not even a little bit helpful!


  • Hit 75km for the month – last month I sat at just under 60km so hoping this will push me to get that extra run in on the weekends….Basically stop napping on a Sunday and run! I’m at 15.5km so far 7 days in so i either need to run 2.4km everyday until the end of the month – unlikely, or stick at 15km each work for the next four weeks – much more likely!


So fingers crossed for another goal smashing month!


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