July Round-up

It’s the first day of Auguast – and July has been a month of highs and lows for me.

  • I ran 57.04km
  • Completed my first 10km
  • Lost 3lbs
  • Drank 3 bottles of Prossecco
  • Turned another year older

You might remember I set some goals – July goals, so thought it would be good to have a review;

  • Smashed a 10km in under 1hr30min – 1hr23mins!


  • Run 3 times a week every week – nailed it with the exception of my 5 days off post Race for Life; but I’ve decided that’s ok!


  • Have an amazing birthday weekend, my first without mum – this I well and truly nailed. I smashed a parkrun PB, had a little cry over the finish line and had the best night out with my sisters and friends


Now there is one goal I didn’t achieve; run a sub 40 5k. I tried really hard post 10k to hit that magic sub 40 but it just wasn’t happening. I got a bit disheartened to be honest but then I had a little word with myself.

I only started running in March this year and in the last 5 months I’ve made amazing progress.

  1. I can now run 10k without stopping
  2. I now say I am a runner, no shame no fear, i run
  3. Parkrun on a Saturday morning is life
  4. Running has given me a reason to be proud of myself

So I think a very wise person once said something along the lines off Don’t change your goals, just the journey of how you get there

Sub 40 I am coming for you




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