July Week 3 – injury week!

As you know I’ve moaned a lot about my hip flexor pain see – Worcester 10K Race For Life, so from now on the third week of July will be known as injury week!

After Worcester I rested for 6 days, no running and limited long walks at lunch time. Changing gear was still a challenge as was too many stairs but I did feel like I was progressing. I also did a bit of strength and core training to help my running form and to try and prevent future injuries.

So Saturday came and I thought ‘yep I am totally getting back in the running saddle with Parkrun’!

I didn’t re-tape my leg because frankly i’m an idiot and thought I was a little bit indestructible! Driving there leg felt fine and walking to the start line again absolutely fine. I’d dragged the sister along again – I think she secretly quite likes it, she didn’t tell me she hated me this time!

As soon as I started running I could feel it pulling. I started at about 7:20km pace with the main body of the group but I was soon flagging. Sister stuck with me for about 0.5km but then I told her to go on as she wanted a new PB

It was a long slow slog to get round the course. I kept telling myself to carry on, just a little bit further but I know the course too well to know exactly how far and steep that hill to the finish funnel is! Leg was on fire but quite stupidly I carried on running, well i could have been crawling to be honest!

I crossed the finish line in 41:26 – a minute of my PB but still 3 minutes faster than when I first did Parkrun

Official results were – 468th place out of 528, 204th female, 16th in your age category SW25-29, 08:14min/km

Despite feeling slow this was the highest I’ve ever placed in my age category!


Following on from what we are calling injury week, I have been a good little sausage and rested as well as strength trained and iced.

I ran last night and although a little uncomfortable it wasn’t unbearable. Finished crossed we are on the end – I’ve got a 10K personal best to run in 6 weeks!!





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