Worcester 10K Race For Life

So the week came – Race for life week, my first 10k.

I’d been training for 6+ weeks and was just out for a slow and steady run on Tuesday night when I slipped in the rain felt my hip go pinnnggg. The pain! It was intense but I thought I’d just pulled something. Powered on for another 2k like an idiot then limped home.

After lots of research – thanks Dr google and a visit to the pharmacy for some pain relief I was pretty sore I had torn or pulled my hip flexor a little. I could raise my leg a little but running was a no go – changing gear was a challenge!

So heading Dr google’s advice I rested all week, kept moving around the office – made a lot of tea! And used deep freeze to keep it cool; icing in the office frowned upon…

Come Saturday I knew I had to call it – would I pull out? I was feeling quite mobile and managed to find some tape to tape the hell out of it – thank Dr Facebook for that one. I decided I was going to do it, I couldn’t let the girls down and I couldn’t let my sponsors down!

Everyone loves a flat lay! Trusty Next running vest and trousers that I know won’t fall down or up, Shockabsorder (you know ladies), rainbow Rocktape and obviously my race message.

I didn’t sleep amazingly – partly race nerves and partly the warmth as my flat seems to be positioned above the 7th circle of hell. But 6.15am came and the alarm went off!

Following all the online advice I stuck to my normal routine so had eggs on toast, not too much water and  tiny cup of tea! Then came the nerves – like oh my days I was nervous, I felt sick as a pig.

We started to line up and expecting a slow one we went with the walkers section which started off pretty slow but soon separated. Me and the lovely KC seperated from the others and started to jog – but soon i told her to go on as she was much faster than me.

My hip was sore immediately but I just grit my teeth and cracked on, willing myself through each kilometre sign. Listening to the updates in my ear I didn’t seem to be going that slowly and this spurred me on.


Considering how sore I felt I was pretty pleased with all sub 9 minute kms. Once I hit 8km i was officially running the furthest I ever had and this spurred me on. I mean I wasn’t running fast, it was a slow jog not much faster than walking pace, but in my head I was running and whilst I was going I couldn’t stop.

The I hit the 9km marker. I had a little cry. It was so emotional. I was in so much pain, I could see the finish line. I knew I was onto a PB. I wanted to stop and walk so badly. But I heard myself say ‘If mum could fight cancer for 4 year you can finish this bloody race’. That was it. I was gone, I knew I had to finish it.


And I did. 1hour 23 minutes was the clock time as a ran through – in true Parkrun style with a sprintish finish. These ladies both absolutely smashed it in 1:12 and 1:15, but we all made it over the finish line in the end.

You might remember I have cried before when finishing a race July week one – done but this was an even more emotional one!


Heres to you mum, heres to every woman who ran, walked or jogged, heres to curing cancer forever!

The next 10km is in the pipeline – 3rd September Wolverhampton 10 here I come. Race plan is done, training plan is drafted, race entered. Lets smash this.


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