July week one – done

So I know i’m a little bit late to the party bu first week of July is done already?!

Tuesday 4th July – STATS: 3.5km, 29:28min, 8:22 min/km

I don’t really remember this run so I guess it was pretty standard? It was post work so just a get out and get it done sort of run.

Friday 7th July – STATS: 6.6km, 58:25min, 8:57 min/km

I had 100% planned to use this day off to drive to the country park and do a trail run. But my first world problem of the day; the car park was jammed and I didn’t want to lose my parking space….So I decided road miles it would be then.

It was humid and airless, which did slow me, but once I told myself it was about the distance and not the time I started to enjoy it more.


I wore my new birthday trainers – far right – to wear them in and they were a little stiff to begin but I soon enjoyed the new trainer bounce!

Friday 8th July – Birthday Parkrun

MMR: 5.3km, 40:38 mins, 7:39min/km

PARKRUN: 40:15min, 465th runner, 208th female, 19th in age cat SW25-29, 36.77% age grade

It’s my birthday and i’ll cry if I want to, and I did. I put absolutely everything I had into that run. I pushed myself over and over gain every time I wanted to stop. And when I crossed the finish line and knew it was a PB i sobbed. Literal actual tears on the floor by the finish line.

It was always going to be an emotional day. Especially as I put my all into making it through for mum. And I turned at the finish line and I was alone. There was no-one to tell what I had achieved. I was so proud, and I wanted to tell someone. I wanted to tell someone that cared. Someone that loved me. I wanted to tell my mum.

But I told my running friends. I told instagram – sorry not sorry. I told everyone I could to cover the void of the person I really wanted to tell.

Running makes me proud of myself. Running has saved me. Running makes me a better person.

And if a year ago you would have told me i’d be up and running at 9am on my birthday -i’d have called you a loon.

Tell someone you love the today please; for me


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