June Week Two – hot hot hot!

Second week of June is done!

Monday 12th – STATS: 3.9km, 32:29 mins, 8:25min/km 

An evening run post work, trying a new route as now it’s summer and not raining it’s safe to run by the river without getting muddy or slipping over. Super proud of this run as every split was sub 9 minutes, and the first km was even sub 8. Part of the new route was downhill so that’s a little cheat but other than that the rest was pretty flat. 

Wednesday 14th – STATS: 4km, 35:02 mins, 8:42min/km

Another one after work and it was still pretty hot – not ok summer, i’m more of a winter person anyway. Again this was the new route, i’m starting to really enjoy that way round town actually. Not all sub 9 minutes this time, although the overall pace was still good! 

Saturday 17th – Park run day! My new favourite day of the week. 

MMR STATS: 5.2km, 41:04 mins, 07:53min/km 

PARKRUN STATS: 499 out of 561 runners, 29th female, 15th in age 25-29, age graded score 36.23%, new personal best 40:51!

It was a hot one! By 10am my phone was reading 22c, so I had said to myself it probably wasn’t a PB day. I was wrong! They had pacers as volunteers this week, which is the first time i’ve ran with pacers. The slowestwas 40:00 so I settled at the middle of that pack, thinking to myself that anything around 41/42mins would make me happy in the heat. 

I started pretty well in terms of pace, and kept within 2 or 3 people of the pacer for the first 3ish km. After this I felt myself slowing, as it was getting hotter and the shade was getting thinner. I was just behind two ladies who I kept closing the gap with everythime they had a walking break but would flag behind them during their running sections. 

As we approached the end, I took all the pain and hurt and anger i’ve been storing up in the last two weeks and ran. I ran as fast as i’ve ever run. I sprinted. I ran like I was hitting the pavement with all the pain inside me. I overtook  peopel, got some whoops and claps and well dones as I went round. As I went round the corner for the finish I thought I might die but I didn’t! I flew through the finish line with a new personal best and a sense of achievement. 

I did have to have a little sit down on the grass after….but ups and downs.

This week is going to be a challenge in the heat but keep safe, stay hydrated, and don’t run in full sun 


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