Lets talk about what happened when I didn’t run for 2 weeks…

Long story short - I fell off a step in a m class, sprained my ankle, didn't rest for long enough, did more damage, had to take two weeks off running. Here is a list of thing that I learnt / happened when I didn't run for two full weeks... Not running makes me grumpy.... Continue Reading →


Wolverhampton Banks’s 10K

Sunday 3rd September - Wolverhampton - Banks's 10K - Personal Best smashed 2017 marked 20 years since the start of Wolverhampton City Marathon events, so it seemed as good a place as nay to get another 10k under my belt. I had booked it almost immediately after Race for Life as I had the post... Continue Reading →

New beginings

New beginings are hard when it feels like a part of you died. That sounds melodramatic. But that's the closest feeling I can describe it as. On that day a little part of me died. In the last three months I have started a new job, started a new relationship and started new running goals.... Continue Reading →

Beth; that girl that runs.

My name is Beth, and I am that girl that runs. For a while I've been Beth, that girl who's mum died. I've also been Beth, that girl that can't keep a relationship. Or even Beth, that girl that moved away. Loosing mum has been the most formative moment in my life but I do... Continue Reading →

The Elusive Sub 40 5k

I've been chasing a sub 40 5k for around 2 months I think. It was an August goal that didn't quite get achieved but I kept on pushing. Running has taught me that - this is a tangent FYI - you get what you give in running. If you put in maximum effort whole heartedly... Continue Reading →

The truth about dating a ‘runner’

I'm now confident to proudly use 'Runner' as an adjective to my personality. which means that anyone dating me is dating a runner and that comes with some unique aspects This is what I have learnt so far.... Parkrun is life - Saturday morning Parkrun is just a thing that's always going to happen. Saturday... Continue Reading →

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