The Elusive Sub 40 5k

I've been chasing a sub 40 5k for around 2 months I think. It was an August goal that didn't quite get achieved but I kept on pushing. Running has taught me that - this is a tangent FYI - you get what you give in running. If you put in maximum effort whole heartedly... Continue Reading →

The truth about dating a ‘runner’

I'm now confident to proudly use 'Runner' as an adjective to my personality. which means that anyone dating me is dating a runner and that comes with some unique aspects This is what I have learnt so far.... Parkrun is life - Saturday morning Parkrun is just a thing that's always going to happen. Saturday... Continue Reading →

August Goals

Feels like I've been putting this off for an eternity - well 7 days to be precise. Not sure why I've procrastinated so much - but here it is time to set some goalz Run a sub 40 5K - back from my July goals, I will get there but it might just take more... Continue Reading →

July Round-up

It's the first day of Auguast - and July has been a month of highs and lows for me. I ran 57.04km Completed my first 10km Lost 3lbs Drank 3 bottles of Prossecco Turned another year older You might remember I set some goals - July goals, so thought it would be good to have a... Continue Reading →

July Week 3 – injury week!

As you know I've moaned a lot about my hip flexor pain see - Worcester 10K Race For Life, so from now on the third week of July will be known as injury week! After Worcester I rested for 6 days, no running and limited long walks at lunch time. Changing gear was still a challenge... Continue Reading →

Worcester 10K Race For Life

So the week came - Race for life week, my first 10k. I'd been training for 6+ weeks and was just out for a slow and steady run on Tuesday night when I slipped in the rain felt my hip go pinnnggg. The pain! It was intense but I thought I'd just pulled something. Powered... Continue Reading →

July week one – done

So I know i'm a little bit late to the party bu first week of July is done already?! Tuesday 4th July - STATS: 3.5km, 29:28min, 8:22 min/km I don't really remember this run so I guess it was pretty standard? It was post work so just a get out and get it done sort... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow I Will Run

Tomorrow I will run for you Tomorrow I will run for every second of every minute of every day I have missed you Tomorrow is my day but I will celebrate it with the happiness of our memories Tomorrow I will run and hold your memory in my heart, and within my soul as every fibre... Continue Reading →

July goals

So it's about time I got round to writing these on ummmm the 7th of July.... Run a Sub 40 minute park run. You might remeber from the begining of June June Week Two – hot hot hot! I ran a 40.51 parkrun, so the aim is to beat that. Hopefully with consistency my time will slowly... Continue Reading →

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