Fifty percent pain

My all time favourite running song is Fort Minor - Remember the name. If you've not heard it, add it to your running playlist and I promise you you'll boss that 3:48! Give it a listen! Listening to the lyrics got me thinking.... This is ten percent luck Twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power... Continue Reading →


The 6 mile wall

You hear marathon runners talk about 'The Wall' and it is a legit point where your body and mind decide they can travel no further. Running is 50% your legs and 50% your head. It's amazing what you can make your legs do and what you can convince your head you can't do. In my... Continue Reading →

My 2018 goals

Run a half marathon - preferably in under 3 hours but just to make it round would an achievement Shrewsbury half 17th June 2018 booked   Run a sub 35min 5K @ Parkrun Probably a nice flat one like Telford   Run one race a month every month to gain 12 medals in the year... Continue Reading →

Wolverhampton Banks’s 10K

Sunday 3rd September - Wolverhampton - Banks's 10K - Personal Best smashed 2017 marked 20 years since the start of Wolverhampton City Marathon events, so it seemed as good a place as nay to get another 10k under my belt. I had booked it almost immediately after Race for Life as I had the post... Continue Reading →

New beginings

New beginings are hard when it feels like a part of you died. That sounds melodramatic. But that's the closest feeling I can describe it as. On that day a little part of me died. In the last three months I have started a new job, started a new relationship and started new running goals.... Continue Reading →

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