Hold onto your reason why

It's hard to stay motivated.It's hard to keep doing the same thing over and over again, even if you don't always get the results you want. It's hard to run, or walk, or swim, or train 5 days a week.That's the truth, it's hard.But when it it gets hard that is when you need grab... Continue Reading →


Six month sabbatical

I haven't written anything for a really long time, six long months to be exact. There's a few reasons why; maybe I couldn't find the words, or the time or the motivation. But mostly I think I couldn't find the love. I couldn't find the love for writing. I couldn't find the passion. But it's... Continue Reading →

Beckbury Trail 9K 2018

5c on a chilly Sunday morning and it was race time again!  Only two weeks after my last race it was time to get up early, force down a bowl of porridge and frantically search for the safety pins!  Beckbury is a lovely little village about 15 minutes away from me, it's the sort of... Continue Reading →

Bridgnorth 10k 2018

50 training sessions 60 hours 202 miles Was it worth it - 100% yes So let's go back to the beginning - I booked this race months ago. I had missed out in 2017 as it's quite a small number of runners; 400 this year. I wanted to run around my home town; the place... Continue Reading →

Hadrian’s Wall Day Three

Day three - 19 miles to go, 63 in total¬† 6am alarm - hardly any sleep on the yoga map in a sleeping bag that doesn't zip up properly. I was shaking all night, not necessarily from the cold just from the sheer exhaustion. Get up, try to walk, put your shoes on and want... Continue Reading →

Hadrian’s Wall Day Two

Day two - 23 miles on the plan; bringing our total to 44 miles Alarm set for 6am, roughly 7 hours of bad sleep in a tent on a yoga mat with a sleeping bag that didn't zip up properly... Walking 20 miles is all well and good, walking another 20 miles the next time... Continue Reading →

Hadrian’s Wall Day One

It's taken me two full weeks to be in a place to process the enormity of what we achieved up there on the wall. It's all going to get a bit Game of Thronesy the amount of times I epically state 'The WALL' Let's start at the beginning - Day one!¬† Alarm set for 3:15am,... Continue Reading →

Why Severn Hospice?

If you watch the news or read about the NHS, especially around winter times, you will have heard the term 'bed blocking'. This is without a doubt the biggest travesty in the NHS right now and it costs millions, literally millions every year. It is predicament where a patient no longer requires hospital care but... Continue Reading →

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