Hadrian’s Wall Day Three

Day three - 19 miles to go, 63 in total¬† 6am alarm - hardly any sleep on the yoga map in a sleeping bag that doesn't zip up properly. I was shaking all night, not necessarily from the cold just from the sheer exhaustion. Get up, try to walk, put your shoes on and want... Continue Reading →


Hadrian’s Wall Day Two

Day two - 23 miles on the plan; bringing our total to 44 miles Alarm set for 6am, roughly 7 hours of bad sleep in a tent on a yoga mat with a sleeping bag that didn't zip up properly... Walking 20 miles is all well and good, walking another 20 miles the next time... Continue Reading →

Hadrian’s Wall Day One

It's taken me two full weeks to be in a place to process the enormity of what we achieved up there on the wall. It's all going to get a bit Game of Thronesy the amount of times I epically state 'The WALL' Let's start at the beginning - Day one!¬† Alarm set for 3:15am,... Continue Reading →

Why Severn Hospice?

If you watch the news or read about the NHS, especially around winter times, you will have heard the term 'bed blocking'. This is without a doubt the biggest travesty in the NHS right now and it costs millions, literally millions every year. It is predicament where a patient no longer requires hospital care but... Continue Reading →

Life; a work in progress

I've tried to write this a million times over the last few months. I've scrapped sentence after sentence. Looked at words as they swim in front of my eyes. Life got away from me for a while. Everything was a little bit foggy and I sort of lost myself. The momentum of events carried me... Continue Reading →

Fifty percent pain

My all time favourite running song is Fort Minor - Remember the name. If you've not heard it, add it to your running playlist and I promise you you'll boss that 3:48! Give it a listen! Listening to the lyrics got me thinking.... This is ten percent luck Twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power... Continue Reading →

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